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Featured Jobs / Vacancies

Job Ref. Job Title / Job Type Location / Sector Date Posted Closing Date Basic salary range Action
hos20170216 Hospitality
Permanent full-time
Trinidad, All
2017-02-16   Not Disclosed Apply
FOM TRINIDAD/2017 Regional Finance & Operations Manager
Permanent full-time
Trinidad, Port of Spain
2017-02-15 2017-02-28 Not Disclosed Apply
Permanent full-time
Trinidad, East/West Corridor
2017-02-13   Not Disclosed Apply
RS/2017210-FCK Restaurant Supervisor
Permanent part-time
Trinidad, Port of Spain
2017-02-10 2017-03-10 See Description Apply
ACC/2010130-AG Accountant
Temporary / Contract
Trinidad, Port of Spain
2017-01-30   See Description Apply
PM TRINIDAD/2017 LINKAGES Regional HIV Program Manager
Permanent full-time
Trinidad, Port of Spain
2017-01-31   Not Disclosed Apply
TS/20160118-AG Technical Support
Temporary / Contract
Trinidad, Port of Spain
2017-01-18   See Description Apply

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