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“It was good to be employed after a year of being away from the world of work. Very happy that is was a role in HR as I have narrowed my career path to this area. No issues at my current place of employment and the job is going well thus far.””

C. James

“The placement process was good, smooth. I was kept in the loop and the representatives tried very hard to give me a variety of job options. I love the job I was placed in! I like the flexibility of it, the environment is a good one as it is in the Financial Services sector. My co-workers and team leaders have made me feel inclusive on the job. I really appreciate Regency for having placed me. Regency was my good luck charm!”

K. Badal

“The interview with the Representative was quite seamless, professional, engaging and informative which was most important. Furthermore, I must highlight that the assessment was great overall and exposed areas in which I need to improve, namely Microsoft Excel. Keep up the good work guys! Hope to hear from you soon.”

Matthew Mcleod

Hi Lara, just wanted to say hello. I am sure you remember me as you got me this job at Scotiabank and its twenty years now and I do not have any regrets working here. It’s a great company to work with.

All the best to you and Regency Recruitment!

Sherma Browne

"The final merit to Regency is within their communication efficiency. Once I was registered I became familiar with at least 5 staff members. They always keep you close through telecommunications as well as emails. Clearly their planning process focuses on being proactive as they are a much modernized establishment. Using communications technology for ease of relating among parties really eliminates any anxiety, as it gives you the feeling of your processes being expedited. They are as formal (and informal) as they need to be. After a short while they became my family. Literally, it felt like they were my extended family, always having my back, genuinely. They brought me job opportunities knowing just how much each one was relevant to me, never stopping until they got the perfect one. But most importantly, they got to the point.

Regency learns who you are on multiple dimensions and do what must be done to make your ability known to employers. To employers, Regency gives you their children, not merely procured human capital. It will always be my pleasure to be a part of this firm. Thank You. "

Sean Wong

"This email serves as a thank you note for all your tireless efforts in seeking employment for me in the past month. It has been a great pleasure corresponding with you. You have been more than a professional since coming on board at Regency Recruitment. You have surpassed all of my expectations when it came to you area of Recruitment Consultants. I say this without hesitance; that you truly are excellent at what you do and have achieved a level of professionalism that some in your field (even at Regency) are yet to attain. For this I thank you and do hope you continue to perform with the brilliance that I have seen from you. Believe me, your candidate (clients) will surely appreciate that."

Khadija Edwards

"I feel an urgent desire to express my profound thanks to you and your employment consultants for identifying the 'Right Fit' job for me.

It obviously took some sort of careful analysis on your part to match my varied skills against the content of the job description for COTT and subsequently, recommend me as the suitable candidate for the position. You really amazed me there, Lara. In my wildest dreams, I would not have ever thought that there would have been a position for me at that place of employment. Having now been domiciled there for a week, I keep thanking you and the Lord for placing me in the right environment for a few valid reasons." 

Douglas A. Mayers

"I have been with Regency for quite a few years on contract/temporary duty and I am so happy I chose this agency. I have felt a oneness and bond with all of my agents over the years and urge you all to keep up the good work."

Cherayne Mc Farlane

"It was my first contact with Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited, having heard of its successful history in the business of recruitment. I am happy to say that my experience was worthwhile and personally satisfying. I highly recommend this agency to candidates wishing to advance their careers and, employers wishing to employ the most suitable candidates. In fact I have already done so.

At the outset of my communication with the agency, it was refreshing to have received the prompt attention that was extended to me and suffice it to say, the agency remained incredibly responsive on all occasions throughout the period of our communications.

The resume consultant with whom I interacted more closely was at all times courteous, professional, well informed and efficient. I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable and this allowed a free exchange of valuable information. It was clear to me that this was an agency that took a personal interest in its clients and their future and was willing to go that extra mile.

The expert guidance I received from the consultant regarding the design and content of my resume ensured a more favorable review by potential employers and this was evident by the responses received.

I remain highly impressed with the quality of service extended and, I have no doubt that the genuine personal interest shown by the agents of Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited will set it apart from its competitors and simultaneously, secure its position as a top recruitment agency for many years to come. I sincerely thank them for the special and unique experience and wish them every success in the future."

Helen Logan Alcala

"Regency’s Client Service Team has always been pleasant, outgoing and most of all enduring, as they would know who we are as the candidate and exactly what the client needs are in regards to the positions available. I would never hesitate to recommend Rishi and Regency Recruitment to colleagues or business associates. Thank you for all the years of employment and advice. Keep up the good work as you are the One Stop HR Shop by far!!"

Miranda Mohammed

"It is through my dealings with Regency Recruitment that I can attest to the Agency’s professionalism and commitment to their clients. The recruiting staff are friendly and efficient and they ensure that the client is comfortable when communicating his / her needs to them."

Nicole Harrison

"I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the agency for my placement in the past. Regency operates at the highest level of professionalism, and that I admired most. I now reside in the USA but never fail to advise my friends and relatives who are searching for employment to contact your office. The last interview I had was with Ms Hassanali and again she was very friendly and professional during the entire interview."

Gail Joseph

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