Transition Services

Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited has successfully facilitated transition programs for a number of clients.

These clients include Talisman, Petrotrin, Caroni (1975) Limited, NEMWIL, PEPSI and AMOCO,  all of whom required support for large groups of retrenched staff.  During these programs, Regency set up specialized EMPLOYEE TRANSITION SERVICES CENTRES which offered a range of support facilities to retrenched staff over a fixed period of time.  These included workshops and / or one-on-one sessions dealing with:

  • Resume Counselling
  • Interview skills training
  • Job hunting advice

Additionally, the Centres provided retrenched personnel with:

  • Internet/email access to job sites and CV builders;
  • Computer / administrative support;
  • Free registration with Regency Recruitment and Resources Limited;
  • Office equipment including a fax machine, photocopier and stationery supplies;
  • Daily newspapers;
  • Refreshments;
  • Online database with over 10,000 names and addresses of local organizations.

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For further information or a quotation, please contact Lara Quentrall-Thomas on 868 625 6225 Ext 230, 868 678 2181 or

If the service you are looking for is not listed above, please contact Lara Quentrall-Thomas to enquire how Regency can assist.

Tel: 868.625.6225 ext. 230 or 868.678.2181


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